China bans livestreaming on its most popular social media sites

June 24, 2017

… networks, acknowledged that it received the directive from the government, and that it’s working to Figure out which users would be affected. Weibo has some 340 million active users, and relies heavily on video streaming for revenue. The two other sites affected, news portal iFeng and ACFUN, an online video site, are also popular. Livestreaming stars likely impacted Some of the countrys most famous online celebrities rely on live-streaming sessions to earn virtual gifts, which can be …


Top Business Tips | How to Build a Profitable Online Health Coaching Business in 2017

June 16, 2017

  Recommended ProductsBolt Publisher – Outsourcing License Yo Yo YoLaunchify360 [DOWNSELL1] DO-IT-FOR-YOU LAUNCH FUNNELS Launchify360 Do-it-for-you Launch funnelWP Tweet Machine Developers – 10 Clients Accelerator Growth: Cash Program     SO, YOU WANT TO MAKE 6 FigureS? THE REAL DEAL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP In this episode we talk about: • The key to consistency as an entrepreneur • Entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride • What you show up & DO every single day, speaks louder than what you SAY you want. (6 Figure earner?) • How to build a business from zero • The rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship • Content generation comes from being obsessed LET'S HANG OUT! Join the FREE Facebook …


Bill Cosby should testify at his trial

June 12, 2017

… big advantage when the case goes to trial. Juries don’t like to convict celebrities unless there is overwhelming evidence that they are guilty. And Cosby is not just another well-known entertainer or sports star. He is a beloved Figure in American culture. Cosby was an extraordinarily successful actor and comedian primarily because of his personal charisma and charm. And his most memorable character, Dr. Cliff Huxtable, was truly “America’s Dad” for my generation. …


Your new favorite podcast is ‘The McElroy Brothers will be in Trolls 2’

June 5, 2017

Your latest must-listen podcast covers an unlikely topic: the animated movieTrolls 2,scheduled for release in 2020. The McElroy Brothers willbe in Trolls 2is somewhat self-explanatory. The three McElroy brothersJustin, Travis, and Griffinare niche internet celebrities, and they want roles inthe DreamWorks sequel to Trolls,starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. Since the first movie included cameo parts for several famous YouTubers, they Figure they at least have a chance. Recorded in …


8 Products We Wish The Kardashians Would Come Out With Already

June 3, 2017

… than eight hours of sleep, I look like someone dipped a zombie in a kraken and let it loose. I would love for the Kardashians to bottle their energy, clarity and professionalism and let me drink it like the alcoho I mean coffee addict I am. #KhloeKardashian shows off her fit Figure in Instagram selfie on private plane #Celebrity Zesty Celebrity News (@zesty_celebrity) April 5, 2016 Listen, guys. Make your own Amazon website. Call is …


American Gods Just Aired TVs Most Explicit Gay Sex Scene Ever

… important, down to the part where one guy ejaculates flames into the other. The sequence in question occurs during a narrative interlude that introduces Salim (Omad Abtahi), a man from Oman who is in New York City selling tourist trinkets. Hes having a shitty day. Hes been waiting all day for a meeting with a guy who refuses to see him. Its pouring outside. He cant get a cab. A taxi finally picks him up, and it is driven by an Ifrit (Mousa Kraish)a supernatural Figure in Middle Eastern stories …

May 19, 2017

One thing is certain: Harry Styles loves giving vague answers

… amazing, that people care enough about you to try and Figure out what it means. On whether or not he’s stayed friends with Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner He flipped the question on The Sun‘s reporter, asking, “Everyone should be friends, right? On whether or not “Sweet Creature” is about Louis Tomlinson “Well, whatever it is that it makes one feel,” Styles told USA Today. “But I think if you listen to the lyrics, you can work out what its …

May 17, 2017