Virgo Love Tarot Reading August 2017- Purify, Get Toxicity Out! Health is Wealth

August 18, 2017

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Kendall and Kylie Jenners Cultural Insensitivity Hits a New Low

July 3, 2017

Exclusive scene from a future episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians/Life of Kylie/the soon-to-be announced 24/7 Scott Disick livestream: Kendall Jenner, sleep paralysis spokeswoman/Kris Jenners favorite supermodel, is sitting at a white marble table somewhere in Calabasas. There is no food on the table, even though weve been specifically told that Kendall and Kylie are meeting up for lunch. There is, however, a dusty can of Pepsi in the…


It’s Chris-mas in July. Allow us to explain.\n

July 3, 2017

Image: vicky leta/mashable This summer, more than ever, the internet and world at large is in the throes of peak Chris madness. For serious scientific reasons enumerated below, Mashable has dubbed today, July 1st, the year of our lord 2017 as…Chris-mas. What is Chris-mas? Christmas, but for Chrises! Christmas in July but Chris-mas, in July. On this day we celebrate our Chrises in all their glory and embarrassment, because we…


Blatantly ironic art show about AI makes portraits using AI

June 29, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg gets the AI treatment.Image: the most famous artist The Most Famous Artist is all about reverse-engineering art to find what works on social media. In his latest project, he’s using artificial intelligence to create like-able and sell-able work that also comments on AI’s potential to kill jobs and industries. SEE ALSO: Bright pink houses attract crowds looking for the perfect selfie, and the neighbors are pissed Earlier this…


A VidCon veteran reveals this year’s big takeaways

June 28, 2017

Image: brendan gahan People go to VidCon to take selfies with YouTube stars. For the last eight years, Ive gone to learn about the changing landscape and the future of video. What Woodstock was to music, VidCon is to digital video. Ive attended from the beginning, so Ive gotten to see the event mature from 1,400 people attending taking over the Hyatt Regency in LA into an influencer marketing epicenter…


Facebook is releasing a new app for YouTube-like creators

June 24, 2017

Image: facebook Facebook wants more video, so it’s releasing a new app just for creators, the company announced at the annual online video conference VidCon Friday. SEE ALSO: Facebook is embracing YouTube-like stars as it pushes for more video It’s in part an update to Facebook Mentions, an app currently available to verified accounts on the social network, which includes celebrities, online influencers, and journalists. Mentions is where Facebook first…


Zendaya talks knowing your power, her adorable dog, and Zac Efron in new Vogue cover story

June 23, 2017

Image: Ray Tamarr/GC Images The world can’t get enough of Zendaya. She’s lauded in the fashion world for her ability to bring any red carpet to life. She’s revered by teens and pre-teens alike. And now, thanks to a Vogue cover debut and interview, there are a million more reasons that prove exactly why Zendaya is truly on her way to the top. For the story, Vogue‘s Abby Aguirre spent…


Justin Bieber got a new tattoo and wrote a song about it

June 18, 2017

Image: kevin mazur/Getty Images for One Love Manchester Justin Bieber never likes to admit when he’s wrong, but when he does, he gets a tattoo and writes a song. The new ink reads “Better at 70” (NOT “Better A+ 70”) right above his knee and the phrase also shows up in the chorus of his new song, a heartfelt piano ditty. Actually, those are the only lyrics. “I look back…


Scarlet Johansson’s grandma doppelgnger finally hit the red carpet

June 17, 2017

Image: Lovekin/Variety/REX/Shutterstock Let it be known, Scarlett Johansson keeps her promises with fans and doppelgngers alike. Last April, Reddit user Denver Dodd posted a pic of his grandma Geraldine Dodd who seriously resembled Scarlett Johansson back in the day. SEE ALSO: ‘Rough Night’ explicit trailer is weird, wild, and perfect The internet quickly picked up on the picture, and so did Johansson, who really wanted to meet the woman who…


General election 2017: What caused Labour’s youth vote surge? – BBC News

June 16, 2017

Labour’s adverts had consistently been shared more widely by social media users, he said. Part of this appears to be down to the difference in tone of the adverts. While the Conservatives had almost entirely focused their adverts on the strength of Prime Minister Theresa May and the weakness of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s social media adverts had been more positive, seeking to emphasise that the party was building…


Frank Ocean showed Brad Pitt major love during his concert

June 13, 2017

The best way to respond to love from Brad Pitt is to wear his face on a t-shirt. At least, that’s what Frank Ocean did. The reclusive singer made his second festival appearance in Manchester over the weekend, and his performance outfit of choice happened to be a shirt emblazoned with Pitt’s stoic facea move that is probably not random at all. SEE ALSO: Song of the Summer talking points…


Amanda Bynes gives her first interview in 4 years, and it’s everything we could have hoped for

June 10, 2017

Amanda Bynes is back, everyone, and she’s better than ever. After almost four years away from cameras living it up as a fashion student, a lace-clad Bynes reveals in a new interview with Hollyscoop that she’s working towards a clothing line of her own as well as a return to the small screen. SEE ALSO: Teen fashionistas slay in their handmade Planned Parenthood dresses “I’m going to start acting again,”…


Jennifer Garner Reportedly Still Thinks Ben Affleck Was “The Love Of Her Life”

June 6, 2017

Weve weathered some big celebrity breakupsrecently, and honestly, theyre difficult to hear about. Sure, we know its not our lives at stake, but somehow watching our favorite celebrities call it quits on love makes us feel bleak. Is there science behind that? Probably. Am I going to bore you with it? Nope. Instead Im going to feed your need to know how Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck whom youve never…