Kendall and Kylie Jenners Cultural Insensitivity Hits a New Low

Exclusive scene from a future episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians/Life of Kylie/the soon-to-be announced 24/7 Scott Disick livestream: Kendall Jenner, sleep paralysis spokeswoman/Kris Jenners favorite supermodel, is sitting at a white marble table somewhere in Calabasas. There is no food on the table, even though weve been specifically told that Kendall and Kylie are meeting up for lunch. There is, however, a dusty can of Pepsi in the…

July 3, 2017

Tracy Anderson Has a Fitness Gospel To Preach. Will She Find Listeners?

Brand extension is a risky business. For all the celebrities and TV personalities who have successfully launched lifestyle and fashion brands– Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, the Kardashians–many more have failed to spin their names into business enterprises. Health and wellness is a particularly rich market for celebrity brands right now, which may explain why Gwyneth Paltrow has continued to build out her Goop lifestyle brand. Tracy Anderson, fitness guru to…

June 25, 2017

Diddy’s struggle to tell Kendall and Kylie Jenner apart is relatable

Diddy Jenner-ously posed with Kendall.Image: c flanigan/Getty Images You may remember the infamous Diddy Crop, in which the artist made the creative decision to cut Kendall and Kylie Jenner out of a group photo from the Met Gala, sparking his second meme from the night. Since he is an innovative man who doesn’t even keep a name for long enough for it to get tired, of course he wasn’t about…

June 23, 2017

Kim Kardashian responds to blackface allegations, promising she’s realizing stuff

The woman who has posted more photos of her expertly contoured face than anyone alive sparked controversy with a recent set of photos promoting her new beauty line. When Kim Kardashian West shared the first promotional images for her new makeup line, people noticed that something was off. Her skin seemed to be significantly darker than normal, and people on Twitter weren’t shy about calling her out for wearing blackface….

June 21, 2017

Kim Kardashian picked an interesting time to adopt two identical puppies

Kim sees your human twins, Bey, and raises you two puppies.Image: GC Images Look, we’re not saying there’s any wrong time to announce that you’ve brought two literal snowballs into the family, but right after news that Beyonc’s twins were born is an interesting choice. Especially if, like Kim Kardashian, you’re rumored to have some bad blood with Queen Bey. And yet, here’s Kim K (who has often expressed disinterest…

June 19, 2017

Kim Kardashian is selling her own fidget spinner knockoff and it’s shaped like a money sign and it says ‘daddy’

Fidget Spinner MogulImage: dia disapupil/Getty Images Welp, if you’re looking to buy a Father’s Day gift that won’t ship in time to give it to your dad on his special day, may we suggest Kim Kardashian West‘s take on the fidget spinner. It’s shaped like a money sign and says “daddy” on it if that’s how you want to spend $15 plus shipping. SEE ALSO: Kendall Jenner with a fidget…

June 17, 2017

Katy Perry’s livestream isn’t over yet, but we’re over it

A face I have been watching for 72 hoursImage: neilson barnard/Getty Images Did you watch Katy Perry cry this weekend? If you’ve tuned into her livestream, you might have. It’s part gameshow, part wellness bootcamp, and certainly unlike any other album rollout for a major pop star. Perry apologized to Taylor Swift. She did yoga with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. She addressed her cyclical cultural appropriation. She ranked her famous exes…

June 13, 2017

Khloe Kardashian apparently robbed of thousands of dollars of clothing by close friend

You can say a lot about the Kardashians, but they definitely know how to use social media to call out their nemeseswhen the occasion arises. Take youngest sister Khloe, who recently discovered that “tens of thousands of dollars of clothes” had been charged to her credit card without her ever receiving them. It just so happens that a friend of hers might have had access to that card and, apparently,…

June 8, 2017

In Honor Of Heidi Klum’s Birthday, Here Are The Supermodel’s Best Bikini Moments!

Happy Birthday, Heidi Klum! It’s kind of crazy that the supermodel is already 44 years old as she hasn’t aged a day. We mean, on top of being just naturally gorgeous, the America’s Got Talent judge knows how to rock a bikini too. Wowza! So, in honor of the blonde stunner’s special day, we’ve compiled some of the A-lister’s BEST bikini shots. You’re welcome. Be sure to take a look…

June 2, 2017

Kendall Jenner signs on as an Adidas Originals spokesmodel

A face you can trust.Image: samir hussein/WireImage Oh good, Kendall Jenner‘s career as a spokesmodel will be just fine. Adidas Originals just tapped Jenner to be their new brand ambassador as she moves effortlessly through the world like a character in a Michael Bay movie strolling forward, perfectly backlit by a bouquet of explosions. According to a statement from the company, Jenner is, “a creative force shaping the world today…

June 1, 2017

Scott Disick Hooks Up With His THIRD Woman Of The Week In Cannes!

MESS. Keeping up with the Kardashians? More like keeping up with Disick! On Friday, the 33-year-old and the blogger were spotted poolside as well, flirting and getting touchy-feely with each other as friends looked on. Incidentally, Maggie also posted a picture (below) of herself with Bella at a Cannes party just a few days ago. What a night #cannesfilmfestivalA post shared by MAGGIE PETROVA (@maggiepetrova) on May 24, 2017 at…

May 29, 2017

A timeline of Scott Disick and Bella Thorne’s summer fling

Bella Thorne tweeted, “Legit nothing trolololo.” And with a keystroke, the greatest love story of our time fizzled away. After 10 whirlwind days, reality television star and dude who’s paid to be at nightclubs Scott Disick, 34, and Famous in Love star Bella Thorne, 19, are no longer canoodling. Not in Hollywood, not in Cannes, not anywhere at all. Here’s a timeline of their doomed famous not-quite-love, in which we…

May 27, 2017

Kylie Jenner reveals the answer to one of many mysteries of her Snapchats

Arm model scoutImage: ethan miller/Getty Images Kylie Jenner, woman of mystery, doesn’t always keep her plump lips sealed. She revealed to Fast Company that the enigmatic arm featured in her Snapchat Lip Kit swatches belongs to a human being who is officially employed as Jenner’s housekeeper and not as an arm model. SEE ALSO: According to the preview of Kylie Jenner’s show, You! Don’t! Know! Kylie! Jenner! When a product…

May 16, 2017

The Kardashian Crew Joins The Fight Against Trump With A Visit To Planned Parenthood

The Kardashian clanhas historically been pretty mum about their political beliefswith the exception of their now ex-communicated family member, Caitlyn Jenner, a vocal Republican. Oh, and the failed attempt at addressing police violence that Kendall Jenner and Pepsi promoted in the infamous ad. On Thursday, it appeared thatAmericas reality TVroyalty decided to make their voices heardand their opinions clear with a visit to Planned Parenthood. Kim, Khlo and Kourtney Kardashian…

May 14, 2017