Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate are everyone’s new favorite celebrity couple

June 22, 2017

Image: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Audible, Inc. Alert the presses: We might finally have a new couple to ‘ship. Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate went to the movies together, were captured exiting the theatre by paparazzi, and with that, changed the course of celebrity relationships forever. Maybe. SEE ALSO: The struggle is real for Jon Hamm because he’s hot The two actors star in the 2017 film Aardvark, but because both are reportedly single, the world’s imaginations have run …


Carrie Fisher’s battle with drug addiction continued until her death

June 21, 2017

Carrie Fisher in 2015.Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for US-IRELAND ALLIANCE Carrie Fisher continued to struggle with drug use in the days before her death, one of many details to emerge from an autopsy report released Monday that was full of new information but still frustratingly short on conclusions. The official cause of Fisher’s death on Dec. 27 was ruled “cardiac arrest … accompanied by vomiting and with a history of sleep apnea.” The autopsy report also …


Being handsome is one of life’s struggles for Jon Hamm

June 20, 2017

… Wright, who said of Hamm: “Its rare to find a dramatic actor whos also funny. Handsome people arent usually funny either. SEE ALSO: The new ‘Baby Driver’ trailer is all vrooms, bangs, booms, and ‘Tequila’ But Hamm says being good looking comes with its own unique barriers: “I bring more to the table than what I represent physically,” he said in the interview. “And its a daily struggle to prove that. Obviously its a lovely thing for people to say …


New documentary carries on Leonard Nimoy’s legacy

June 19, 2017

… life Leonards life and his career and his struggle with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), Julie Nimoy explained. Documentary co-writers and husband and wife David Knight and Julie Nimoy. Image: julie nimoy and david knight As originally envisioned, Remembering Leonard Nimoy, which premiered in April at the Newport Beach Film Festival and airs this fall on PBS, would have focused almost exclusively on COPD and the actors battle with the progressive disease. Nimoy and her husband …


Wokeness won’t solve Katy Perry’s identity crisis

June 18, 2017

… Perry is staging that struggle before millions of people. The resulting spectacle isn’t about what’s righteous. Perry’s gestures of solidarity instead seem all too often about her spiritual crisis of piecing together her own fragmented identity. SEE ALSO: Katy Perry’s new songs have been pretty terrible, and that’s a problem When she spent last weekend live streaming her life for 96 hours to promote her new album Witness, a tearful session with a therapist …


How Billy Graham Conquered America

June 12, 2017

… about revolutions in our customs, laws and economic processes. If we could hope for a greater mass disciplineself-imposedthere would be cause for rejoicing; the danger is that special economic, industrial or social groups will apply pressures that will either be disruptive or might force, for a time at least, the adoption of some form of dictatorship in our democracies. Either outcome would be tragic …. It looks as if we must face a long struggle. A few months after taking office he wrote …


Snow tha Product is America’s most woke rapper

June 7, 2017

California-raised, bilingual rapper Claudia Feliciano, known nationally as Snow tha Product, wanted tobecome a psychiatrist. She believed that was the only way tohelpteenagers who struggle with depression—the experience of deep hopelessness is one she can personally relate to, after all. I felt like through music I would be able to help way more people, and what better way to teenagers than to do so with the type of music that they like, Snow tells the Daily Dot. Tech N9ne and Ty Dolla …


The Desperate Gambit That Could Save A Tiny Porpoise From Extinction … Or Kill It

… hasten conservation measures in the gulf. If we cant save a beloved, charismatic mammal, what can we save? Yet the struggle to save the vaquita is a lesson on how complicated it can be to bring an endangered species back from the brink a fight that involves the illicit trade of a product so profitable its been called aquatic cocaine, criminal gangs across at least two continents, and a battle between environmentalists, government officials and angry fishing communities. launch a risky …

May 23, 2017

Conspiracy theory: Avril Lavigne died in 2003 and was replaced by a look-a-like

… unified theory of an Avril Lavigne doppelgnger just isn’t complicated enough, the great conspiracy has some splinters. For example, as Gawker pointed out back in 2015, some version of Lavigne was at the grocery store buying cheese when she was supposedly immobile due to her struggle with Lyme disease. Maybe the original Avril actually had a happy ending where she stopped dealing with the bullshit of of fame, never married into the Nickelback empire, and just kinda chills out in …

May 16, 2017