For decades, ‘Every Day’ author David Levithan has paved the way for queer YA


If there’s anybody who’s paved the way for contemporary literature, especially queer YA, it’s David Levithan. 

An author and an editor at Scholastic, David Levithan has been writing novels that address LGBTQ representation in literature since the early aughts, beginning with his 2002 book Boy Meets Boy. At the time that it was released, it was one of the first LGBTQ novels published by Random House Children’s Books. 

“[At the time] in YA literature, in YA culture, in culture at large, the gay teen was miserable, and that was the promise,” explains Levithan. “There was acknowledgement that they existed, but with very few exceptions, everything ended in gloom and doom. And I was like, “you know what, I’m tired of this. This is not what our lives are like.” Read more…

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