This Mom Filed A Missing Person Report For Her Daughter, But It Ends Up She Was Just On The Bachelor

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Earlier this week, posted a story about how Humboldt County, California had the highest rate of missing persons reports in the entire state. The article included pictures of all 35 missing persons, one of which seemed eerily familiar to some fans. Why? Because she’s a contestant on the show.

That’s right — Bekah Martinez, one of the women currently vying for Ari’s heart on season 22 of the , is apparently filed as a missing persons in California.

Apparently her mother started to worry and filed the report on November 18, after not hearing from her since the November 12. Get this — her mother had thought Bekah had moved to Humboldt to work on a marijuana farm, while IRL she was actually just competing on the .

Bekah played the whole thing off pretty well, though, using it as an opportunity to crack some jokes about her Mom and her pretty embarrassing driver’s license photo (girl, I’ve been there).

Moral of the story? Call your mothers more, you heathens.

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